Joshua Masia

December 13, 2023

[New York, Month DD, YYYY] – Hanover Square Partners, a leader in Strategy & Capital Solutions with decades of experience in finance and technology, proudly announces its transformative collaboration with, the pioneering Deal Relationship Management (DRM) platform powered by Generative AI (genAI). This strategic partnership sees Hanover Square Partners adopting's advanced genAI-driven DRM solution, enabling the extraction of hidden value from high-unstructured data rooms and automating key processes such as building investment committee memos, term sheets, and creating automated sales outreach strategies.

Hanover Square Partners, renowned for its commitment to relationship-driven results and trust earned over decades, is taking a significant step to enhance its operational efficiency and deliver even more sophisticated financial services by integrating's cutting-edge genAI technology.'s genAI-powered DRM platform revolutionizes the way private assets are originated, due diligenced, and distributed. Specifically designed to tackle the challenges of high-unstructured data environments, genAI enables Hanover Square Partners to extract valuable insights and automate crucial processes that are traditionally time-consuming and prone to errors.

"Selecting as our strategic technology partner, with its genAI-powered DRM platform, is a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in client service," says [Your Name], [Your Title] at Hanover Square Partners. "The integration of genAI allows us to unlock hidden value in high-unstructured data rooms, automate complex processes, and elevate our financial services to new heights."'s Co-founders and CEOs, Joshua Masia and Jon Burlinson, express their enthusiasm about the collaboration. "We are thrilled to collaborate with Hanover Square Partners, a renowned leader in the finance and technology landscape. Our genAI-powered DRM solution will empower Hanover Square Partners to navigate high-unstructured data environments effectively and derive actionable insights, enabling them to stay at the forefront of the industry."

This partnership signifies a strategic move for Hanover Square Partners, embracing the power of genAI to streamline operations, extract hidden value from data, and enhance client relationships. The genAI-powered DRM solution ensures a seamless integration with Hanover Square Partners' existing brand while providing unparalleled capabilities in data extraction, analysis, and process automation.

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About Hanover Square Partners:Hanover Square Partners is a leading provider of Strategy & Capital Solutions, leveraging decades of experience in finance and technology. The company specializes in providing guidance, innovative thinking, and recommendations to financial institutions, financial sponsors, fintech, biotech, blockchain, and traditional technology companies. With a commitment to building lasting relationships and achieving client goals, Hanover Square Partners is dedicated to supporting growth through stable capital channels.

About is a cutting-edge SaaS Deal Relationship Management (DRM) platform powered by Generative AI (genAI), revolutionizing private asset origination, due diligence, and distribution. With a user-friendly interface and powerful genAI capabilities, empowers market participants to streamline deal management processes and unlock new revenue potential. The platform is designed to remove traditional barriers and focus on building valuable relationships, transforming the private markets industry.

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