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what is

empowering businesses with innovative deal management software using ai revolutionizes the deal management process by leveraging advanced algorithms and data analytics to automate tasks, optimize decision-making, and provide valuable insights, ultimately enhancing efficiency and driving better deal outcomes.

  • SaaS/PaaS Solution
  • System Generated Workflow and Tasks
  • Streamlined Collaborations
  • Matching Investors to Deals
deal relationship management simplified

ai Features

AI Classification of Documents

Simplify the deal entry by uploading your company documents into your own custom deal application. We take on the task of classifying your documents and extracting the key information for use within all DealBridge AI features.

ask the ai

The DealBridge AI will automatically summarize the deal based on your documents and answer any questions.

"Summarize this deal"
"Can you list the executive team?"
"Can you summarize the financials?"

ai assisted application

The DealBridge AI can seamlessly extract the information in your documents and use it help complete your deal application.

1. Ask the AI to answer any question.
2. Verify response.
3. Copy response to application.

ai Generated investor memos

The AI can also produce an automated Investor Memo for you with an ability to edit either the responses from the AI
or the template used to generate the memo.

* numbers and description do not represent any company

deal relationship management simplified


Deal Management

Are you tired of juggling countless spreadsheets and struggling to keep track of your deals and users? Say goodbye to the chaos and welcome, the ultimate SaaS solution designed to revolutionize your deal management process.

Customized applications

Effortlessly track and manage applications throughout the entire due diligence process. No two companies are the same, and neither are your workflows. offers a highly customizable platform to align with your specific needs. Tailor the application management process to match your unique workflow, allowing you to work efficiently and stay in control.

datarooms datarooms empower you to take control of your file management like never before. Our comprehensive platform offers a range of powerful features that streamline your processes, enhance collaboration, and provide peace of mind.

reporting goes beyond deal management to offer you powerful reporting capabilities, providing you with actionable insights into your data. Our advanced reporting feature equips you with the tools to analyze and visualize your information, enabling data-driven decision-making and maximizing the value of your deal pipeline.


Are you manually managing deal outbounds to investors, struggling to ensure exclusive viewing and timely follow-ups? With, you can effortlessly manage deal outbounds, provide exclusive viewing access, and automate messaging for seamless investor communication.


Are you turning down opportunities when deals do not match your criteria perfectly? helps you maximize the value of deal turn downs by connecting you with larger exchanges and other marketplaces. With, you can turn overhead into opportunities, monetize your origination efforts, and unlock new avenues for growth.

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"Time is the most valuable asset in the world of finance. By revolutionizing the deal management process and making it more efficient using AI, we empower financial companies to unlock their true potential, enabling them to focus on what truly matters – closing deals and delivering exceptional value to their clients."

jon burlinson
CEO and Founder

Step 1: Create a branded experience

Our whitelabel SaaS experience seamlessly integrates into your company website and brand. All email and text communications are branded from your organization but automated through our servers.

Step 2: Add deals and our AI creates tasks is a task-based platform designed to simplify complex deal management both for your customers and internal teams, empowering streamlined operations, improving efficiency, and enhancing collaboration.

Step 3: Invite users (always Free) streamlines deal management with a seamless and user-friendly interface, effortlessly enabling the hassle-free onboarding of users, ensuring swift collaboration and maximizing productivity

Step 4: Manage your  application process's customizable application process enables seamless collaboration among all deal stakeholders in a centralized platform, resulting in streamlined communication, increased efficiency, and faster deal execution.

Step 5: Manage files includes a SOC2 compliant data room for exchanging files between your team members.

Step 6: Invite other team members

Add all members of the deal to your team with assigned roles to ensure security and access is maintained.

Step 7: Invite investors

Invite investors to your deal or create
branded campaigns to manage
exclusivity automatically.

Step 8: Push to your marketplace or dealbridge.AI's exchange

Create and manage your own marketplace and invite investors to your deals. Broaden your marketplace and publish your deals to the larger exchange using DealBridge.AI's investor matching algorithms.